Outline of Professional Credits


Thomas Jenkinson Appeal - Make A Wish - Diabetes UK - Anthony Nolan Trust - Cancer Research UK - Children With Cancer - Help The Heros - The Keith Bennet Appeal- British Heart Foundation. Fight For Jack Appeal. Sam's Haven. Lord Mayors trust. Path Finders Dogs.


Derek Acorah
Derek Acorah's Psychic Road Show  
Paranormal Investigations with Derek Acorah at Fort Widley and Rodwell Hall 
(Paraspirit Events)

The Live Lounge (co presenter with Derek)
The Live Seance (guest medium with Derek)
(Acorah Productions)

SpiritSeekers Residential Weekend - Residential psychic & spiritual weekend


The Live Lounge with Derek Acorah
Live Seance  
Derek Acorah Productions

The Psychic Show - Presenter/Medium
A television show based on Mediumship for ITV1 


That's Solent Television
Guest slot on news channel

Portsmouth TV
Various interviews 

Published Writer for
Inner Voices Magazine
Silent Voices Magazine
Supernatural Magazine
Appeared in Chat is Fate, prediction magazine, 

News Paper Interviews with  
About my Area 2016 (Portsmouth)
Centre pages of Daily Star 2016 
Psychic News
The News (Portsmouth)

Author of Journey Of A Spirit Walker 


Tunning-In - Co Host & Presenter
An award nominated paranormal/magazine style fm radio show, broadcast live. The show also came runner up in The Spiritual Connections Award Show. 

Spiritual Connections Radio
Regular guest medium live on air.
Resident Paranormal Medium/appeared on many recorded shows investigating paranormal locations 
Appeared on many regular magazine style shows

Interviews and appearances on
Wave 105 fm
Express FM
Soc Radio
Ghost Chronicles International -
with Ron Kolek & Richard FelixRadio show
The Andy Grant Show - USA

Toured the UK giving stage shows of mediumship at various Theatres, holiday centres, spiritual retreats and other venues (Life After Death Promotions)
The Kings Theatre, Portsmouth with The Derek Acorah Rd Show (Paraspirit Events)

Founder of Paul's Psychic Place - Portsmouth's Centre of Psychic & Spiritual Leaning.
A centre for the study of all aspect of psychic and mediumship development. 

Portsmouth City Council invited me to create two shows to commemorate the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyal. 

Making Waves Film Festival - (Red Star Events) - Kings Theatre, Southsea - The film, The Conjuring was shown and after members of the audience were taken on a paranormal investigation of the theatre itself.

Spiritual & Psychic Residential weekends with Spirit Seekers - workshops and demos

Official paranormal Investigations

Over my time I have investigated many haunted locations around the UK both privately relating to my work or in a more public domain. I have worked along side many of the Mediums, historians and parapsychologists from the paranormal world many have been seen on the tv series "Most Haunted" including Derek Acorah, David Wells, Brian Shepard, Richard Felix, Cieron OKeefe, Steve Parsons, 

Recently investigated Bran castle as the designated psychic medium (Dracula's castle) in Romania (2015 ) Simply Paranormal

P&T Paranormal - YouTube channel (2017)


AMERICA - Toured California, a number of occasions giving demonstrations, workshops and readings. One of the few British mediums to have demonstrated at The Golden Gate Bridge Spiritualist Church, San Francisco. (L.A.D)

GRAN CANARIA, Spain, giving readings, teaching, workshops and demonstrations of mediumship.

ROMANIA - Paranormal investigation at Bran castle more commonly known as Draulas Castle in Transylvania.   




As a young child at home we were plagued by strange  unexplained disturbances around the home, from the usual creaky doors and flickering lights to ghostly strangers that would appear in the bedroom. Yes there were times when it was very scary but I don't recall ever feeling really threatened by all the strange activity. 
I guess it was always destined that I would work as a spirit medium, however I have had a great many other experiences in my life that I feel compliment my present day work. 

I have travelled round many parts of the world, from North and South America, where I learnt to speak Spanish, Europe and New Zealand where I live for a while as well as France. It was in New Zealand and I was in my early 20's that my mediumship really came to life after meeting many shamanic healers and psychics whilst there.

I have trained and worked in tv production as well as various roles within the film industry. I have also been involved in the theatre as an assistant director and stage hand on various productions.
At one time ran a video film company with a friend where we filmed various sporting events and high profile social functions where I was one of the few people to be able to freely film senior members of our own Royal family including the Queen herself. 
I also worked for music producer. I lived as part of his family so I would regularly come into contact with many musicians, artists, celebrities, Royalty as well as meeting a few diplomats overseas royalty and those who worked in the secret service.

 I have experienced incredible wealth (not mine I would add) but from my various employments and associations from sitting in a hotel in St. Moritz surrounded by more money than you could imagine to meeting one of the oldest street gangs in Jamaica, men with scares and bullets wounds all over their bodies and visiting shanty towns in south America. 
However diverse my life has been over my years, I truly believe that it has put me in a better place and has genuinely helped me understand the true meaning of life itself from all angles.   

I'm also a great lover of all animals as well as an accomplished horse rider and trainer and have been riding since the age of 10. Although I've not ridden sadly for a few years now. I had a very bad ridding accident where i thought I was paralysed from the neck down fortunately I wasn't but it did leave me in chronic pain for a great many years. However through the application of positive thought and transformation as well as the practice of meditation and yoga I feel healthier and fitter now than I had done in my younger years. 

Hope my story inspires you! Paul x         
Paul And Mediumship
Mediumship is a complex and fragmented form of spirit communication. People believe that all the medium has to do is open their mouths and out comes that all important proof. Sadly it doesn't happen that way and the mind of the medium and the consciousness of the spirit may not always be in harmony.
It takes years and years of dedication to make those connections grow, often the medium will need to go through their own growing and healing stage in order to be a clear channel for spirit to work through and then there are laws of physics involved that govern this, for they cant come back here and we cant go there but the two worlds are more interwoven than you could possible realise.
If you are seeking out a medium then you are expecting to receive a form of evidence that our loved ones continue, mediumship also carries a healing tone to it helping those who have sought out the medium to find ways of transforming their lives into something much more than they have now. 
I often say that the real work of the medium is not what you do see, its what you don't see. 
When seeking out a medium, word of mouth, recommendation is often a good way forward, by seeing a medium in a spiritualist church or public demonstration and forming your own opinion can also be a good way to know that you are on the right track. Often without us realising Spirit themselves will endeavour to guide us towards seeing a medium, but sometimes we miss the psychic impressions as we are too busy or emotional about life. 
My final piece of advice is never seek out communication of spirit from a place of emotional desperation, or from a dependency of alcohol or drugs. There are other specialist out there who are more skilled to help you in times of difficulties. However in times of bereavement mediumship can bring great comfort and healing to all concerned and often all a loved ones needs is to know that their dearly departed are safe and well. often I say they are more worried over us than we need to be worried for them.        
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