Readings With Paul At Paul's Psychic Place Or Skype 

With over 25 years professional experience, Paul is now a highly sort after medium, not only as an evident psychic medium but also as a tutor of mediumship and spiritual practices. He is founder Paul's Psychic Place, a sanctuary set up to house much of his work from courses in psychic development where he also provides various workshops on subjects such as Past Lives and understanding our ancestors. The sanctuary also provides demonstrations of mediumship and includes his own private readings.
With Paul's vast experience of the paranormal he is often called upon to deal with hauntings, ghosts as well as spirit attachment and spirit release from this world to the next.
His own readings not only provide evidential information of spirit communication but facilitate a high level of positive transformation, healing and life guidance so as to assist in the realisation of your future and not just predicting it. 

Private Readings


1 hour recorded to cd included 

For individuals, at my own sanctuary or your home. Please note that 2 people may share the reading at the same cost however you need to be related or in a relationship.

Paypal account or card, follow instructions for secure payments



1 hour in full HD 

For national (UK) or International 
If from oversea please state country of origin and time difference so a suitable appointment can be met.
Paypal account or card, follow instructions for secure payments

Private Group/Party 

From £15.00 to £30.00

price varies depending on requirments 

option 1 - a family gathering together
option 2 - individual 30 min readings recorded to cd included 
 min 2/3 £30 
max  4/6 £25
Both options at my sanctuary or your home. 

Interested in my services? I'm here to help!



Communication with loves ones family and friends. Once communication with the spirit world has been established, often lively communication can be had with those who you know on the other side. Brining forward factual information about you and themselves that can be verified.


Often our family as well as those we love remain close to the earth, even if you hadn't actually known them, but know of them, so as to guide us. After spirit communication has been established I will be given information relating to your current life issues. With the aide of spirit we can explore a wide range of life difficulties and safely guide you towards making the right decisions about your future. 


There are times when spirit can help to heal the soul after emotional impact, such as a life changing decision, or the need to resolve deep rooted issues from our past or issues relating to those in spirit, leaving you empowered to face new challenges. 

(Whilst a natural medium, Paul studied at the College of Psychic Studies in London and is a trained counsellor)       

Book A Reading With Paul

Readings with Paul​

Structure Of Readings Offered - Please note that all readings are by appointment only and no information can be guaranteed. 
All appointment dates/time are on a first come basis. 

*Private one to one - 1 hour session - My centre in Portsmouth or Privacy of your own home

*As above, however - 2 people max (related ie family, marriage, couples) can share a one hour reading at same cost.

*Skype - national or International. When booking please state country of origin.
*Private party - min 2 max 5/6 for "individual" 30 min private readings. My centre or at home.
Please note for those sharing their reading, that whilst every effort is made to keep the reading balanced between all participants this may not always be the case and one person may receive more information than another. A shared reading is family and couples not just friends.


*Private in person My own centre in Portsmouth - 1 hour
*Private in person In your home (home visits may have a longer waiting time for an appointment) - 1 hour
*Group bookings 2 min to 5 max - At my centre or your home 
30 mins each reading (private)
*Skype nationally (UK) - internationally (OVERSEAS)
​ 1 hour - Full HD with CD quality sound.

The Readings
"Please note that before booking a reading with me, that all readings should be looked at as a form of guidance only and no information can be guaranteed. 

The CD's
"Please note that all readings are recorded to cd where possible and included in price, however please be aware that you pay for the reading and the quality of the cd cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes they do not record, or burn or there may be an unexpected issue with the recording system. While I am engaged in the reading, I may not notice that an issue has arisen" 


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